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Born with a camera in hand! 

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Details you need to know when you book Ger. 


1 . Pay a deposit. No Deposit = No booking. €200 deposit. Paid by bank transfer or cash.

2. Payment can be paid before the wedding or on the wedding day.  You can pay in monthly installments if this helps.

3. All payments will be issued with a receipt.

4. Late payments are not accepted. This will result in no editing being done until full payment occurs.

5. Details are important. Full addresses and eircodes for all locations are needed. For groom prep, bride prep, ceremony location, photo shoot, hotel and any other location. Providing details such as turn left after Johhnys pub is not acceptable in any circumstance. Also, surprise visits or new locations on the day is not cool. Locations must be agreed and organized before your day.

6. Ger dresses in smart clothes. Generally, slacks and tie and works in a relaxed non-interfering way - Ger asks questions in the morning to create a background story. This is an option and not enforced. Ger shoots the groom first and bride 2nd. The morning shots are done to get atmospheric shots, shots of houses, cards, decorations, rings, suit, dress etc. The groom and bride won't be disturbed by Ger unless he is asking you questions which usually takes 5 minutes only. Do what you want in the morning. Sleep in,play golf, eat breakfast etc. The day is long enough so in the morning do your own routine. 


7. Ger places a small clip-on microphone on the groom at the ceremony. This is used to record the vows only.


8. The speeches, musicians and general audio of the day are recorded professionally as possible with multiple audio sources being used.


9. Small direction will be used during the photoshoot but generally, the photographer will be the boss and will control where the family photos are taking place etc. 


10. Guest messages are done early in the day.


11. Ger finishes at 1030 pm sharp. No exceptions - To avoid your band starting late (which they all try) please ensure all bridal party members are ready on the dance floor for 930pm approx to show the band you are ready. I have done first dances as late as 1145 before in the past and this is not acceptable. Weddings are long days and Ger's cut off time is 1030pm. There is no need for dancing to start any later than 10.15pm.



After the wedding!

12. When will your wedding video be ready? Editing can be complicated and detailed. From syncing up the sound, editing different angles, creating story-based edits and scrolling through a full days worth of footage can take up more time than expected so Ger does not like giving a definite answer on when videos will be ready as it is like picking the lotto numbers. 


In saying that over the years 3 months waiting has been the general average waiting time but sticking to this time frame has been impossible at certain times of the year. Ger always try to do things as efficient as possible including getting the edits done to a time that is acceptable but please have patience in this department. 



13. Ger delivers your video by post on USB key for playback on smart tv. Unlimited copies can be made from this. They are far superior in quality than DVD. If you wish to have DVD copies made after viewing on USB that can be arranged. DVD copies will be cased and covered and cost €30 each. USB keys are also €30 extra.


14. Within two weeks of receiving your video, you must get back to Ger and tell him if you want any changes made. Changes are completely free once Ger is notified within two weeks. The changes usually requested are song choice and on occasion human error.


15. After two weeks if you wish to change anything Ger will charge €50 per hour for changes made. No exceptions. This avoids people coming back months or even years later looking for free changes. This is not acceptable in any circumstance. Please

treat your wedding video like a product. If you are not happy with any small part and want changes please send the USB key back with notes for revision.


16. Blog - when your wedding day is over it is nice to have written a blog. This can be great for you and other couples planning there wedding. Here are some questions that I ask when creating a blog for my website/social media.


1. Describe your wedding day - The build up, the actual day and thoughts since it all happened.

2. What were the best moments of your day and why?

3. What services did you hire for your wedding? What were the best and why? Would you recommend these suppliers? 

4. Can you pass on any tips for other couples getting married?

6. If you could go back in time and do it again what would you do the same and what would you do differently?

7. Any other thoughts.

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